Sandee Harraden | About

Sandee Harraden is a nationally recognized wildlife photographer and digital artist who creatively captures exceptional moments through her lens highlighting nature's astonishing beauty.  She has studied with some of the best nature photographers in North America and continues to learn new photographic and post processing techniques.  Her work has received a variety of local, state, and international awards and has been published in the National Audubon and National Wildlife Federation literature. Originally from Southern California, she graduated with a Masters Degree from San Diego State University and has lived in the Everglades for the past twenty five years.  Since retirement she spends time in North Fort Myers Florida and Woodstock Connecticut. Her photography images are for purchase in a variety of mediums and sizes at the Ivey House Gallery located in Everglades City, Florida.  Or contact her directly and she will print your items and mail them to you.  She also provides workshops and outings in Southern Folorida and Central America.